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  • Key statistics about hair loss and understanding what causes hair loss…it’s very common.
  • How much hair do you really need? Can you handle the truth?
  • How to get natural-looking results regardless of your age or degree of hair loss.
  • What to expect at a hair restoration consultation.
  • Recognize “Bait & Switch ” and industry “Low-balling” tactics…plus other hair transplant disasters you should avoid.
  • 12 questions that you should be asking and that hair transplant doctors hate to answer …
  • The two most popular hair restoration solutions …
  • How good you look after surgery depends on what surgical instrument is used to make the receptor sites … this method mimics your existing hair.
  • How hair transplants work.
  • What to expect during the hair restoration process.
  • Learn the tactics doctors use to inflate their fees and how they overcharge you.
  • Hair transplant costs and financing options.

Why Gamble? You may end up paying the ultimate price… a bad hair transplant. A hair transplant done wrong, may result in further hair loss that can result in unnatural looking “islands” of transplanted hair and an obvious transplanted hairline. Worse yet, it may be impossible to correct a bad hair transplant because you only have a limited amount of hair follicles that can be transplanted.

That’s why it’s so important to … Learn to ask the “right” questions.

Eliminate the risk of choosing the wrong surgeon. Within minutes this FREE Informative Guide will be e-mailed to you. Be a Success Story… prepare yourself with the right questions to ask before you commit to surgery. With one chance to do it right…can you afford to make a mistake?

It’s Important that when you look in the mirror, your hair restoration looks completely natural and blends in perfectly with the surrounding Hair.

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