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Although our Hair Transplants and Hair Restoration surgery procedures are done in Southern California, patients from Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arizona, San Francisco and Northern California, Las Vegas, Nevada and all across the United States travel to see MyHairTransplantMD, whose breakthrough technology and unique style stands alone. MyHairTransplantMD’s unique and world renowned Hair Transplants and Hair Restoration techniques produce optimum results so natural that no one may ever guess you had surgery.

  • Learn “The Right” questions to ask! So you don’t end up with a Hairline that looks like an “Obvious” Hair Transplant. Plus the 5 surgical questions Doctors fear most and hope you never ask.
  • Learn “How To” recognize unscrupulous Doctors who use low-balling or bait-n-switch techniques that require you to return for surgery again and again … draining your bank account and leaving you with less than natural looking results.
  • Learn “How To” identify run-of-the-mill Doctors who use outdated surgical methods that produce “substandard” results.

Click on images to zoom up close and see number of follicular grafts units.

This New Guide arms the “novice” Patient in an unregulated industry asking the “right” questions before they commit to Hair Restoration Surgery.  Learn “How-To” get the Natural Looking Results you deserve the “First Time”. Written by a prominent Hair Transplant Insider/CEO and former Hair Transplant Victim … he reveals the industry’s most guarded secrets so you can safely navigate through all the “Hype” and the advertising claims in this very lucrative industry.

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Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • How Much Hair do you “Really” need?  Can you handle the truth?
  • How to get “Natural Looking Results” regardless of your age or degree of Hair loss.
  • Recognize “Bait & Switch ” and Industry “Low-balling” tactics.
  • Why The Standard Hair loss Classification Chart is worthless… when used to calculate the number of grafts needed.
  • 10 Must Ask Questions Hair Transplant Doctors Hate To Answer …
  • “Guaranteed” Natural Looking Results … does your Doctor do Surgery like this.
  • The two most popular Hair Restoration solutions … What works and what doesn’t.
  • How good you look after surgery depends on what surgical instrument is used to make the receptor sites … this method mimics your existing Hair.
  • Every Hair Transplant candidate needs to learn “How-To” compare techniques.
  • What to expect during the Hair Restoration Process. This may eliminate you as a good candidate.
  • Learn the tactics doctors use to inflate their fees and how they overcharge you.
  • Which Surgery Techniques is best for you … the answer will surprise you.
  • How to calculate the “Real” cost for Hair Restoration Surgery.

Why Gamble? You may end up paying the Ultimate Price… A Bad Hair Transplant. A hair transplant done wrong, may result in further hair loss that can result in unnatural looking “islands” of transplanted hair and an “Obvious Transplanted Hairline”.  Worse yet, it may be impossible to correct a bad hair transplant because you only have a limited amount of hair follicles that can be transplanted.

That’s why it’s so important to … Learn to ask the “Right” questions.

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Be a Success Story… prepare yourself with the right questions to ask before you commit to surgery.  With one chance to do it right…can you afford to make a mistake?

Its Important that when you look in the mirror, your “Hair Restoration” looks completely natural and blends in perfectly with the surrounding Hair.

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  • Hair Transplant Success Guide