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Only MyHair MD offer these exclusives


You can trust our experts because hair transplants are ALL we do


Be confident. We’ve been doing hair transplants for 30 years

Not Corporate

Personalized approach from a local doctor and center without cross-sell, upsell or cookie-cutter treatment. Not a national chain.

MyHair Artistry™

The art & science of hair restoration. Full and natural hair artistry results that last a lifetime.

MyHair AirWand™

Our exclusive hair extraction instrument promotes maximum hair growth, minimal surgery time and natural results

Restoration Weekend™

A concierge experience that makes your hair transplant surgery a personal restoration weekend.

Interest Paid

Financing? It will cost you nothing. We pay the interest for qualifying clients and procedures.

F.U.E. Method

(Follicular Unit Extraction)

Our most advanced procedure. The donor area is shaved and follicles are removed one at a time using our exclusive MyHair AirWand™. Individual follicles (follicular units) are then strategically and artistically implanted in the desired area to create natural results with no scars.


  • Most patients describe the procedure as almost “painless”
  • No stitches (sutures)
  • No scarring
  • Less trauma to the donor area/Faster healing


  • More extended surgical time
  • Costs more than F.U.G.
F.U.G. Method

(Follicular Unit Graft or “Strip” method)

A strip of hair follicles is removed from the back of the head in a long strip using a scalpel. The strip is separated into individual follicles (follicular units) then strategically and artistically implanted in the desired area. The fine incision in the donor area is closed with stitches (sutures) which are later removed. Our seamless closure technique promotes healing and leaves only a minimal fine line scar that is very difficult to detect. F.U.G. is a popular transplant option which provides great natural results.


  • Our most cost effective solution
  • Donor area is trimmed but not shaved
  • Shorter surgical time


  • Minimal scar in the donor area.
  • Stitches will need to be removed after 10 days
  • Some patients experience discomfort in the donor area for a few days.


MyHairMD offers two options for Hair transplantation, the F.U.G. and F.U.E. methods. Each method has unique features however all our procedures include our exclusive MyHair Artistry™, benefits. A consultation with our client counselor can help you determine which method is the best option based on your desired results and needs.

Which hair restoration procedure is right for me?

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Your results are our measure of success
Hear from our satisfied clients

“From the start they treated me very professionally, took time to answer my questions, and explained all the technicals so I completely understood what was happening.”
“I’m still in touch with Dan, he’s still answering my questions, so if you are on the fence about this, get off the fence and do it. Get back on the fence later when you have more hair . . . you’ll look better up there.”
“Before October you would have been hard pressed to find a picture of me not wearing a hat.”
“People need to understand that proper placement of the grafts is crucial for the optimum coverage and very best look. Clearly this is where the Doctor excels and is extremely talented. Everyone is always surprised when I tell them I had a hair transplant procedure.”
“The doctor and his staff made me feel relaxed, comfortable and in good hands from the start. During the procedure I watched a movie, had lunch and then went home. It was actually a pretty pleasant day.”
“The day of surgery, the office staff were very supportive and thorough.

Dr. Garbutt was excellent and listened to what I wanted to achieve.”

“Ten years ago I was going to buy a new BMW X3 – Instead I got a new Honda CRV and a new head of hair for less money. It was one of my better decisions.”
“I had an awesome experience. The staff made me feel comfortable and relaxed. If I ever need to do this procedure again I will definitely go back to MyHair MD.”
“What really impressed me most about my experience is just how easy it was. The staff helped me understand the procedure and there were no surprises. They helped ease my fears and the high level of professionalism was unforgettable.”.”

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MyHair Artistry™

The art & science of hair restoration

You are unique, and so are your hair needs. Trust your results to the human touch of a true surgical craftsman
for full, natural results that last a lifetime.

Only MyHairMD offers the benefits of MyHair Artistry.

Measure for Accuracy

We mathematically calculate your graft needs for optimal results

Whole follicles

No graft “splitting”

Maximum natural hair density

70-80 hairs per square centimeter

Minimal Scarring

Our exclusive donor area closure technology means less noticeable scarring

Hand crafted results

A personalized artisan approach; not computerized or robotic.

Shorter surgery times

Two teams work together to improve results and reduce surgery time.

Restoration Weekend™

Outside Southern California? No problem.

Our clients fly in from all over the west to get the results and benefits available only from MyHair MD. We offer a concierge experience that turns your hair transplant surgery into personal restoration weekend.

  • Enjoyable weekend in beautiful San Diego, California
  • 1-2 Nights premium hotel accommodations for up to two people
  • In-office, pre-op consultation
  • Meal/Airfare reimbursement credit

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Restoring your natural hair IS AFFORDABLE. Additional discounts are available. Ask about “we pay your interest” financing, stand-by pricing, travel incentives and seasonal specials.

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How much will my hair transplant cost?

MyHair MD offers competitive pricing and unbeatable financing options on the best quality hair transplant available. How much will you pay? You are unique and so are your hair needs. Several factors go into calculating the cost of your transplant:

Area x Density = Number of whole, natural follicle grafts
F.U.G. procedure starts at $3.50 per graft*
F.U.E. procedure starts at $4.99 per graft*

*Cash price. Financing is available. Consultation is required to quote exact procedure price. Scalp condition, available donor hair and other factors all contribute to the calculation of the final price.


We carefully measure the exact size of the area you’d like to restore.


Do you want to thicken up thinning areas or fully restore balding areas? We will mathematically calculate the appropriate number of grafts based on your desire results, not a low-ball quote to get you in the door.

Procedure Type

Which procedure is right for you (see “Solutions” above)? F.U.E. (Follicular Unit Extraction method) or F.U.G. (Follicular Unit Graft or “strip” method).

Free Guide


Free Guide

Avoid the 5 worst hair transplant disasters

Hair transplantation is a permanent, surgical procedure and a significant investment. What are the right questions to ask? Who do you trust? And how do you avoid the FIVE BIGGEST WORST TRANSPLANT DISASTERS?

Stay fully-informed before, during and after surgery.

Ensure your procedure is a positive, life-enhancing experience with great results!


MyHair MD is the premiere Hair Restoration Clinic in Southern California.
We exist to transform the lives of men and women through the highest quality
hair transplant experience and results available.
Hair you love. Confidence you feel.


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