Hair Loss Surgery – The Natural Way to Restore Hair Growth

Hair loss surgery is one of the options available for restoring hair growth. This method is one of the most effective and natural forms of hair restoration. It is also the most permanent method for restoring hair growth.

The human head has an average of 100,000 hair follicles. During a person’s lifetime, a follicle will grow around individual hairs. Losing hair is a natural process that happens to everyone. The average person can lose around 100 strands per day. In a normal situation the hair is replaced by another strand that grows from the follicle.

However, not everyone experiences this natural hair replacement. The most common form of baldness is male pattern baldness. Approximately 40 million men are affected by male pattern baldness. The pattern can begin as early as the teens, although only rarely. It usually begins in men over the age of 25 and starts from the sides of the forehead. The hair loss then recedes away from the forehead and forms what is commonly known as a receding hairline.

The hair follicles located on the sides and back of the head are genetically programmed not to lose hair. The hair located in these areas does not shed. Hair loss surgery involves a procedure in which the bald resistant follicles are transplanted to the balding areas.

Hair loss surgery is most often performed as an outpatient surgery and causes little discomfort to the patient. Local anesthesia is used for the procedure. Once the patient has been prepared for surgery, small sections of tissue containing the bald resistant follicles are removed. These sections are then dissected under microscope into micro-grafts containing a single follicle.

It takes a bit of artistry to perform hair loss surgery. Once the micro-grafts are prepared, they are placed into the balding areas. Micro-grafts containing a single hair follicle are placed at specific points across the front section of the head nearest the forehead. Depending on the size of the bald spot, larger sections may be used behind the hairline to create volume and density.

The placement of the micro-grafts and the larger sections are designed to resemble the patterns found in natural hair growth. The pattern used by the doctor to place the follicle grafts are specific to each individual. Much like a fingerprint, each person’s hair growth pattern is different and the pattern the doctor uses for hair loss surgery must be consistent with that person’s growth pattern in order to create a natural look.
There are other hair growth options to choose from, including shampoos and creams. However, hair loss surgery offers the most natural-looking and permanent solution for hair replacement.

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