The total cost and final Hair Restoration Surgery results differ among hair loss candidates. Our low cost Hair Transplant Surgery pricing is simple and straightforward. We charge $4 per Natural Follicular Graft/Unit x the number of graft/units needed. For example, 1200 graft/units x $4 = $4,800. Natural Follicular Graft/Units contain 2.5 hairs more than the “All Single Hair Graft” procedure advertised.

Here’s What You Will Get:

costarrow Get Honest Answers. We don’t make unrealistic promises. We’re going to give you straight answers to your questions with no confusing terms or numbers. Despite what’s advertised elsewhere, the truth is that most patients require more than a single surgery to reach their hair loss goal. Therefore we’ll tell you what the most (not the least) number of graft/units it may take to reach your goals.
costarrow Get Low Cost Hair Restoration.  Fees at $3 per graft/unit are based the complete surgical plan – not on one surgery. This allows you to “lock in” a lower total fee, achieve your desired hair look at a price that’s truly affordable.
costarrow Get Extensive Hair Transplant experience. Our medical team has over 100 years of combined experience in Hair Transplant Surgery. Our surgical technicians have on average 12 years experience.
costarrow Get 100% Natural Grafts.  We deliver the most advanced and innovative Techniques in Hair Transplants today. We relocate your Natural Follicular Grafts Units to the areas where you need more hair. We don’t cut your grafts down into “All Single Hairs” as this would result in an unnatural, thin, see-through look and you would end up paying 2 or 3 x more money.
costarrow Get an Impeccably Natural Hairline.  My Hair Transplant MD gives you a naturally looking hairline by combining our Hair Transplant Expertise with artistic skills. Your “New Hair” will look completely natural and blend in perfectly with your existing hair. It will look “So Natural” that no one may ever suspect you had a Hair Transplant.

*We measure the thinning or bald areas to determine the number of square centimeters which will tell us how many Follicular Grafts Units you will need to reach the desired density

costarrow Get Maximum Density.  We focus on one or more zones … then transplant as much hair as is medically safe into the hair loss areas.
costarrow Get a Realistic Treatment Plan. We accurately measure the hair loss areas with our proprietary hair restoration template to determine how many Natural Follicular Graft/Units you’ll need.
costarrow Get Natural Looking Results. By transplanting 100% Natural Follicular Graft/Units as close as possible to one another, results look impressively natural.
costarrow Get Your Hair Back Faster. Our surgical team can transplant up to 4000 Natural Follicular Graft/Units containing up to 10,000 hairs in a single surgery.

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High Quality at a Fair Price

Quality hair transplant surgery for hair loss sufferers doesn’t have to be expensive. We deliver high quality results at low cost hair transplant fees. Get the “impeccably natural” hairline you deserve and avoid first time hair transplant cost mistakes. Call us before you make this important hairloss surgery decision. logoscost