Cost of a Hair Transplant

cost of hair transplant

What you need to know about quality transplant results and pricing

There are three essential factors in determining the cost of your hair transplant.

  1. The size of the area you need to cover with new and natural hair.
  2. The number of Follicular Hair Units that you will need to have transplanted into that area.
  3. The price charged for each Follicular hair unit transplant.

How Determines Your Cost

Step 1:
 My Hair Transplant MD accurately measures the hair loss areas with our proprietary hair restoration template to determine how many Natural Follicular Graft/Units you’ll need.

Step 2:
From our  evaluation of your hair loss we will determine how many Follicular Hair Units will need to be transplanted.

Step 3.
Our pricing is based on the number of Follicular Hair Units transplanted.  There are different hair transplant methods each meeting a specific need you may have. The method of hair transplant chosen will dictate what your price per hair transplant unit will be. We offer pricing for both FUE and FUG transplants that range between $3.00 and $4.99 per unit. Please note technology,  prices and our promotions change. Please call for today’s exact cost per unit pricing and promotions: 1-800.262.2017


To create a dense natural hair style most men will need approximately 2,000 Hair Follicals to be transplanted. So in this example the pricing range would be

2000 Units * cost per unit =  Total cost*.
Minimum Cost: $6,000
Maximum Cost: $9,980

My Hair Transplant MD offers a cash discount, we accept most major credit cards and can offer as well NO INTEREST  100% financing options to those with approved credit.
* total cost calculation is an estimate of cost per hair unit transplant. Please call for an evaluation of your specific needs to get an exact and total price for a hair transplant.

How Do You Determine Your Exact Price?

We can help you quickly determine price in two ways.

1. Schedule an in-person evaluation and consultation.
A doctor will review the extent of your hair loss and work out an accurate price quote and treatment schedule to restore your hair. This consultation is free and only takes about 45 minutes to complete in one of our 5 California offices. Schedule an appointment now at: 800.262.2017

2. We conduct virtual consultations
By completing a quick survey and if possible providing us with pictures of your hair line we can use our charts to determine a general quote for your treatment.

All of our cost consultations also include ample opportunity for you to ask us all the questions you have about hair transplant surgery.  Success comes when informed consumers work with ethical professionals and that is the goal of My Hair Transplant MD.

Get a Price Quote with a Virtual Consultation Right Now:

Simply complete this short survey, it will be reviewed by a Hair Transplant Specialist and then they will contact you directly to answer your questions and provide you with a price estimate.


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