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Hair Transplant Options in San Diego for All Types of Loss

The reason a person turns to hair transplant procedures is simple. They have noticeable bald and thinning patches. Thankfully, Our Hair transplant San Diego services and hair plugs that used to boldly announce one was having a procedure have gone the way of the pet rock and mood rings. Hair transplants have evolved over time from the obvious to unnoticeable. Instead of dealing with the large clumps of hair seen in older procedures, the look is natural. People are not quick to notice when hair fills in gradually.

Here at Hair transplant San Diego we have come up with a unique solution of Hair Loss Problem.


Some Common Types of Hair Loss


Male Pattern Baldness:

Male pattern baldness is common among men. Unfortunately it does not just occur in the older set. It usually starts with a receding hairline or thinning in the top portion of the head. Though there are treatment options such as minoxidil and Propecia, once the individual discontinues use, the balding returns. On the other side, female pattern baldness is something women are now starting to address.


Stress Alopecia:

Stress alopecia is a different bird and is seen more often in women. It occurs with severe styling, such as tight ponytails, parting hair a certain way all of the time, braids, weaves
and anything that constantly pulls on hair follicles. It damages the follicles, curbing new growth.


Hair Grafting:

This is far removed from the old way of doing things. The hair transplant surgeon chooses an area of the scalp resistant to balding and removes a thin strip of hair. The hair is carefully
dissected into smaller portions, which are grafted on the scalp. The surgeon looks at the manner in which a patient’s hair grows for optimum placement.



The use of lasers as a method to treat baldness is fairly new. Lasers reverse loss and stimulate hair growth. Lasers are used in conjunction with hair transplant surgery.


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