I feel compelled to write this letter in regards to the treatment I received

I feel compelled to write this letter in regards to the treatment I received last Friday, March 2, during my hair restoration procedure.

Simply put, I cannot think of anything that needs improvement!

Your expertise in this field was overwhelmingly obvious; from the moment we got started to when we finished. Your “bedside manner” (sans the typical “demi-god” attitude found in a lot of other doctors), was as comforting as it was refreshing. What a delight to find a Doctor of such high repute that is so down-to-earth with his patients!

Your attitude permeates your entire staff, as does any other organization. Recent highly publicized books on Business Management, Mission Statements, etc. say that you can tell the attitude of Upper-Management or Owners by the way in which the custodial staff conducts itself. Your group could be a model for any of these book. From the moment I stepped into your office it was clear that I was working with a TEAM, not just a Doctor and a group of employees. Everyone was extremely professional, yet happy and very “up-beat”. Smiles were everywhere with occasional bursts of laughter coming from all four corners of the facility. Your team seemed to be just as excited about my procedure and its eventual outcome, as I was. What a testament!

In closing, some personal “kudos” if I may: First of all “SHARON” your supervising Registered Nurse; what a marvelous, competent, and considerate lady. Secondly, “Lisa” and “Rosa“, the two Nurse/Technicians that were with me all day. They were very professional and informative, yet personal enough to chat and laugh with me throughout the entire day. Lastly, your entire staff. Everyone I met was always asking if there was anything they could do for me; get me some more food, water, soda, or a new movie. All in all my experience thus far has been way more than I expected.

Just thought you’d like to know. Thank You!

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