I’m writing this note as a “thank you”

Hi Dan,

I’m writing this note as a “thank you” to personally, and through you, to your entire staff for how seamlessly and professionally every aspect of my hair transplant experience went. Forgive me if this gets a bit long-winded but it would be a disservice on my part to simply offer up a curt nod of thanks without a proper explanation.

Further, I hope this note may serve as an aid to anyone who might be considering engaging MyHairTransplantMD but is still on the fence.

A brief personal background: In 1994 I had my first transplant surgery. Having a healthy skepticism about the process as well as normal anxieties about putting myself through an elective surgery, I didn’t jump right in. After doing all the requisite research/interviews with many doctors specializing in transplant surgery, I found one who stood out, Dr. John Peterson. I believe most of us “real people” who seek out hair restoration view it as a medical procedure and that view was shared by Dr. Peterson. Unfortunately, most practices I encountered missed this key idea and hard-sell the glamour and glitz of their high profile client base, a real turn off. Choosing Dr. Peterson turned out to be the right choice and my experience was a complete success.

Unfortunately, this time around, when I was ready to have additional transplants done, Dr. Peterson had retired. Again I was at square one, faced with the same anxieties of choosing an unfamiliar physician to help me achieve my hair loss goals. What sold me on MyHairTransplantMD were the same qualities that sold me on Dr. Peterson ten years earlier. My conversations with you were terrific because they were direct, well informed and sensitive to my needs. This, in contrast to the hype I encountered from many of your competitors. I never felt hurried or pressured during my in-office hair loss evaluation.

My surgical experience was terrific! Your staff was patient and communicative at every turn. It is, after all, a painstakingly long day and everyone was attentive to my needs throughout.I never felt rushed or tense.

When my transplant session was done, I was, in truth, dazed and not completely able to retain my post-op instructions. No problem. It was great to have such clearly written step by step instructions that became my post-op roadmap in the days ahead.

I was touched, Dan, by your follow-up phone call the next morning to check up on me. You guys never missed a beat! So for all of the above, you have my heartfelt thanks. Now, like the proverbial kid in the candy store, I can hardly wait to see the results in a few short months!

Of course, any time you want to call on me to chat with a prospective client, I’ll be glad to do it.


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