Low-Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT)

Alternative Technologies

  • Great for Women as well as Men
  • Hair Transplant Benefits
  • Zero Side Effects
  • Proven Technology
  • Stimulates the Hair to Grow
  • Easy and Comfortable to Use
  • Use “Clinic Technology” in the comfort of your own home

Hair Rejuvenation for both men and women.
Especially for those that are Hair Transplant patients.

For Hair Transplant patients, the iGrow Low Level Laser Light Therapy has been shown for most to speed up recovery and bypass any “shedding phases” altogether, basically allowing the transplanted hairs to grow even faster.

Although Low-Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) isn’t a true alternative to hair transplant surgery, we’ve found it to be a useful treatment for some of our patients as well as an adjunct to hair transplantation that can improve results and speed healing.

Low-level laser energy has been found to stimulate hair growth on the scalp to improve hair quality, stop the progression of hair loss, and even promote new hair growth. It’s completely painless and non-invasive. Users simply sit and relax beneath the device while they receive LLLT on their scalp. Treatments are typically delivered in a course of multiple sessions.

While LLLT alone is probably insufficient to regrow your hair, MyHairTransplantMd believes it can speed up the time it takes for newly transplanted hair grafts to grow—a process that normally takes a few months. It can also improve the quality of your existing hair, making the final result denser and thicker than what you might achieve without LLLT.
Because a series of multiple treatments is needed, LLLT patients must be willing to commit to the full course of treatment and the attendant expense. However, for many patients, the results definitely merit the investment of time and money. To determine if LLLT might be appropriate for you, consult our hair restoration specialists.

MyHairTransplantMd is proud to offer our patients iGrow. Leveraging a patent-pending combination of built-in laser and LED light devices, iGrow Revolutionizes Hair Rejuvenation. Now you may attain optimal hair health almost effortlessly, right at home!

“I agree that laser therapy benefits are only noticeable in some patients and not in others. I tell my patients that the lasers probably have more effect on the quality of a persons hair versus the quantity of hair. In some patients by improving the quality of the hair it gives the appearance of more hair.”

Dr. Glenn Charles
Member, International Alliance of
Hair Restoration Surgeons ( IAHRS )
As posted in baldtruthtalk.com/showthread