The Mathematics Behind Hair Loss

Published by San Diego Union Tribune Sept 2015

Going to an attorney to seek a solution for hair loss seems about as effective as going to a realtor for dental work. Unfortunately, it has become less extraordinary as it becomes more common for individuals suffering from this emotionally distressing disease to encounter unethical business practices when seeking hair replacement.

Daniel Wagner co-founded of My Hair Transplant MD in Oceanside from personal experience. “How I got into the business was a direct result of a hair transplant done wrong that resulted in further hair loss,” said Wagner. “One transplant led to a second, then to a third, fourth, fifth, and finally to an attorney.”







Local office offers low-cost hair restoration

Published by the Coast News July 2016

OCEANSIDE — If every business operated on the same principles as MyHairTransplantMD, gone would be the days of vague and misleading online pricing.

You would never be hit with hidden fees and unrealistic promises would be obsolete. And once you’ve made the decision to go forward with the hair restoration you’ve been considering, Daniel J. Wagner, CEO at MyHairTransplantMD, assures you that you will know up front the entire cost and scope of the process to give you the head of hair you desire. The MyHairTransplantMD website offers clear information about the consultation and even the price.







New “No Scar” Hair restoration Technology

Published by the Coast News August 2016

OCEANSIDE — Hair transplants have come a long way in the last seven or so years. What was once only available as a moderately invasive procedure, which would leave a long linear scar, is now also offered in a vastly improved way. “We offer a relatively new procedure called the FUE hair transplant, and among its notable benefits are that it is minimally invasive and there is no scar,” Dan Wagner, CEO of MyHairTransplantMD said.

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure is not as widely available as the traditional Follicular Unit Grafting method, and Wagner is proud to be able to offer it to North County clients. “While both methods produce natural looking results, with FUE, our team in particular has a more artistic approach than some of the other offices that might offer it,” Wagner said…





Ready to restore your hair?  Hair loss mapping key for best results

Published by the Coast News September 2016

OCEANSIDE — Estimation can be a handy tool in many fields, but sometimes precision is necessary.

If you’re considering hair restoration, you’ll need more than an estimate to get accurate information about the cost of the procedure as well as the results you can expect. “No two heads are alike, and how can you possibly determine the fee or what is possible for a patient without seeing them first?” Dan Wagner, CEO of MyHairTransplantMD asks…






Restore your facial and eyebrow hair for good

Published by the Coast News September 2016

OCEANSIDE — Hair loss is typically dealt with in three ways:  cover it up with a hall cap, wear a toupee or opt for hair restoration.  But what about when the hair loss isn’t confined to just the scalp? ….