Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE

The Precise, All Natural, No Scar, Hair Transplant To Last A Lifetime

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Not all Hair Transplant methods are the same.
The Follicular Unit Extraction (FEU) method offers the least invasive and natural looking restoration of your thinning hair to that of a younger you!


Why Does FUE work so well for so many?
FUE uses a process by which individual hairs are carefully selected from growing areas of your scalp. They are evaluated for density, angle, fullness and color attributes. Each hair is individual extracted and then mapped into a natural pattern that will fit the unique contours of the thinning or bald areas of your head. With precision instruments our surgeon implants the hair follicles into your thinning areas according to the pre-determined guide.  This way the length of the hair, the color, the contours, the angle at which the hair grows imitates the exact way your hair would form on your scalp if it were to grow on its own.  The end result is that you will have a full head of hair that looks, feels and behaves like your natural hair, because it is!


A Solution That Can Last A Lifetime

Your hair is genetically programmed to grow or not grow. The areas where your hair is growing is genetically programmed to do so. This is why many men grow hair well into their 80’s and 90’s. Your hair continues to grow, but not always in the right location for our tastes. Since we are extracting and re-implanting your own hair follicles we are essentially moving the hairs that are genetically programmed to grow for a lifetime into your thinning areas. The result is logical and obvious, your hair transplant can last a lifetime. This is a critical consideration as hair “growth” topical treatments produce weak and or sporadic results, take many months to see results if any, and if you stop using the product all of your investment disappears along with the small benefits you may have received.  MyHairTransplantMD’s FUE treatment is a solution that lasts a lifetime and when seen from this perspective saves you time, money AND produces amazing results. 


Affordable and Permanent Hair Restoration Solution
The cost of a hair transplant is a primary concern of all our customers who are considering this solution. There are two ways in which you can best determine the cost of your treatment. You can gauge a ballpark price simply  by multiplying the number of hairs you need to transplant by the cost we charge per hair. Most transplants produces optimal results with 1,500 – 2,000 hairs transplanted.  Our normal price is $7.99 per hair follicle transplant,  however we are currently offering an incentive price of only $4.99!  Using this basic calculation a final solution to your baldness would be in the ballpark of $7,985-$9,980


What if I have a LOT of balding, or just a little bit of thinning all over?

An exact price can and will be provided to you up-front and for FREE. However, this requires that our medical team reviews your exact case in persons. This is to your benefit in many ways. Not only will you gain a free and accurate evaluation of your hair loss status and price to correct it, but you can use this opportunity to consult with our team and get straight up, medically based, honest answers to your questions.

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We understand your desire to restore your head to resemble a younger you. We also understand that you have questions about benefits and drawbacks, costs, process and procedures. We respect and respond to your intellectual research with clear and honest answers. It all starts by contacting MyHairTransplantMD in the way you feel most comfortable.

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