Questions to Ask your Hair Transplant Doctor

So You Get The Natural Looking Hair Restoration Results You Deserve Your Very “First Time“.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 important questions you should be asking in advance of committing to Hair Restoration Surgery:

1. What Hair Transplant technique do you use #1 All Follicular Unit Hair Restoration or #2 Punch Grafting method using Mini-Micro Grafts?

2. What is used to make the Receptor Sites?

3. Ask to see the Surgical Instrument used to make the Receptor Sites both at the time of your Consultation and on the Day of Hair Transplant Surgery.

4. How did you determine how many follicular unit grafts I will need to restore my hair? How did you calculate this… ask them to explain the calculations.

5. How many Follicular units are transplanted per square centimeter so my hair will appear naturally dense like the surrounding hair on the sides of my head?

6. What if I lose all my hair two to ten years from now? How many more follicular unit grafts will I need?

7. How does hair restoration surgery affect my thinning hair?

8. How many Follicular graft units can be transplanted at each hair transplant surgery?

9. Will I have sufficient donor hair for any future hair loss?

10. How many potential follicular graft units do I have in total that can be used now and for any future hair loss concerns I may have?

Start by asking these “Tough Questions”. Remember if the hair transplant doctor is truly interested in “You”… and interested in producing hair restoration results so natural no one would ever know you had Hair Restoration Surgery. He won’t mind answering a few hair loss and hair restoration questions.

The Goal is to Restore the Natural Look You Once Had … “RIGHT”. Don’t settle for an “Obvious Transplanted Hairline”. Choosing the hair transplant surgeon is more of a process of elimination.

So do your homework… and compare all your hair restoration options.

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Virtual Consultation

Many of our patients come to us from across the country and around the world. For your convenience, we are pleased to offer a “Virtual Consultation” with our doctors. To begin the process, click on the link below. Please be prepared to supply us with some basic information as well as photographs to help our doctors answer your questions and recommend a course of treatment.

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