Scalp Exercises – Why & How

Sufferers are able to help make their hair restoration experience an even better success through doing scalp exercises in the weeks and even months prior to surgery and gain much benefit.

Scalp exercises can improve scalp movement which can allow further follicular units for being gathered in a single sitting. The truth is, patients with good quality laxity enjoy more grafts per session, overall healing benefits and more comfort through the healing process.
Follow your steps below.

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Scalp Exercise – Donor Side Zones

  • Position the hands securely on the sides of your head.
  • Motion your skin/scalp up as far as scalp movement will allow.
  • Hold and stretch scalp for 10-15 seconds each time without your hands slipping on your head.
  • Perform this exercise for five to ten minutes in the morning and five to ten minutes before bed.

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Scalp Exercise – Backside Donor Zone

  • Grasp the hands and fingers…position hands on the back of the head.
  • Set the hands somewhat over the boney edge that runs sideways or horizontally on the back of your scalp.
  • Pull your hands up and frontward, towards the top of your head…hold or keep it stretched for 10-15 seconds each time. Depress your hands to the head hard enough alongside so that your scalp itself moves and that your hands do not merely slip-up over your hair. The idea is to stretch the skin, hold and over time create more laxity.
  • Perform this work out for five to ten minutes in the crack of dawn in addition to five to ten minutes before bed.