So like many other guys I started losing my hair

So like many other guys I started losing my hair.  It wasn’t very noticeable but it was something that made me feel uncomfortable.

Since I’m 25 I decided this would be a good time to take action and correct the problem.

I set up a consultation and she explained the whole entire process to me.  From what type of hair loss I have to what my options were as far as surgery.

She explained the surgery in great detail so by the time I went in and had the procedure done I knew exactly what to expect.  The day of surgery I arrived at the office and from the time I walked through the door until the time I left, I felt very relaxed.

Laura was the first person to greet me and the rest of the staff was extremely courteous and catered to my every need.  The procedure itself was a breeze and the recovery time after the surgery was minimal.  I went back to work two days later wearing a hat and none of my coworkers noticed a thing.

Looking back I’m glad I went through with the procedure and thanks my hair loss isn’t an issue for me any more.



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Virtual Consultation

Many of our patients come to us from across the country and around the world. For your convenience, we are pleased to offer a “Virtual Consultation” with our doctors. To begin the process, click on the link below. Please be prepared to supply us with some basic information as well as photographs to help our doctors answer your questions and recommend a course of treatment.

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