Dear Laura, Hey Laura, I want to say "Thank you". My experience at New Look MD was truly amazing Initially, I was skeptical about this procedure. I wasn't sure if I was going to be in "good hand" and bear yea didn't know if I was going to achieve the desired results that I had in envision, Regardless, I applaud you for being able M take away my insecurities away and helped me to become competent with this operation. You made me fool comfortable not only with myself, but with you and the team members at New Look MD as well. The operation went really well. Dr. Garbutt was without a doubt a professional surgeon with great sense of tanner and I enjoyed being under his care. The nurse, "Sharon", if remember correctly, was extremely amazing. She took great care of me and mute sure that I was in good condition before releasing me to go home. Overall I am very pleased with my experience at New Look MD and will pass on this pleasant experience to my friends and family as well.

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