.. MY HAIR TRANSPLANT EXPERIENCE. One of the thing that continually bothered me every day when I looked at the mirror is the reality that eventually will be bald.I would wake every morning seeing helplessly my hair line rescinding.I tried all sorts of remedies that come with all this advertisements, but non worked, however, deep in my heart I knew that the ultimate permanent solution would have to be a hair transplant. The big question was who to turn to for the procedure as we have all kind of people who call themselves experts but end up doing shoddy work. Anyway I am so glad stepped at NewLook group and through Laura’s encouragement and approach help me take the risk and for sure looking at myself at the mirror every morning I do not at all regret for taking the chance. It is the best investment that I have ever done for myself. The experience was far beyond what I expected, it was painless may be a little discomfort with the shorts to numb the donor area and the area to receive the hair follicles or less the other procedure was great. There was a bit of swelling on my face the next couple of days, but keep cooling with the ice cubes made it better. At the moment everything seems great and just waiting to see my new look in the next couple of Months. The staff was very supportive, professional and encouraging right from the word go.Dr Garbutt was great and hope to do another procedure with him in future. Thank you all of you for making my dream come true. I just feel great that I did this procedure. Live long Newlook. Martin.

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