Michael C.

Good Morning Laura, How are you? Hope the sun is treating you well. Feel free to send a picture of it now and then so I can remember what it looks like. My day was cram packed as usual. I kept trying to get away to have the sutures/staples removed yesterday...I even took the medication at the end of the day in preparation of going to the Urgent Care facility here in McMinnville, OR to have them removed. Then I was reminded that I had an appointment late in the afternoon. Now mind you I am feeling a little loopy after taking the medication....the appointment was interesting...to say the least. However I did not make it to the Urgent Care. I went home...my wife looks at me and says she would try...well she isn't known for her bravery or doing well with the sight of blood so I was quite reluctant to allow this. The Final Four Championship game was on last night and I certainly did not want to miss it....so I reluctantly pulled out the suture removal tool...took my double dose...drank 3 shots of Jack and said "go for it"...Alcohol mixes rather well with medication I must say....no I am just kidding...but my wife did brave through and removed all the staples and the sutures and one ear lobe. But you can hardly tell the ear lobe is missing...it kind of matches the other ear now. So do you have an ear lobe transplant specialist handy...what we did was take 3 of the staples and 4 of the sutures along with a little bit of super glue...put er back on...you can hardly tell.. Anyways the sutures and staples are out...feels a lot better. The swelling went down my face and now is stuck on my belly. Is that normal?

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