Mike D

So like many other guys I started losing my hair, it wasn't very noticeable but it was something that made me feel uncomfortable. Since I'm 25 I decided this was be a good time to take action and correct the problem. So I contacted Laura at NewLookMD. I set up a consultation and she explained the whole entire process to me. From what type of hairloss I have, to what my options were as far as surgery. She explained the surgery in great detail so by the time I went in and had the procedure done I knew exactly what to expect. The day of the surgery I arrived at the office and from the time I walked through the door until the time I left, I felt very relxed. Laura was the first person to greet me and the rest of the staff were extremely courteous and catered to my every need. The procedure itself was a breeze and the recovery time after the surgery was minimal. I went back to work two days later wearing a hat and none of my coworkers noticed a thing. Looking back I'm glad I went through with the procedure and thanks to Laura and Dr. Garbutt my hairloss isn't an issue for me anymore.

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