Client Reviews

I had a rough time dealing with my hair loss and went to a hair restoration facility in mission valley, very big supposed facility that could take care of my need to not be bald anymore. They started to treat me good and make me feel comfortable, showed me the process and then came the talk over money. I felt like they had no set price and were looking to get as much as they could from me. The lady also became quit rude when I thought the price was too high so I left. I some how found this facility in oceanside. I felt, compared to the other hair restoration company was fair and I could work with them. I was treated very good and they made sure I was taken care of.. The results of my restoration were very good given my thin amount of donor hair.. 5 stars…

- Christian C.

I went to My Hair Transplant MD for my first hair transplant. I chose this venue (although I am from northern CA) because of the economic cost and Dr. Garbutt’s educational background at first, and that they only do hair transplants only so I felt comfortable in their expertise. The staff is friendly, professional and quick to respond with any questions. Roxanne was very helpful. I had a night at the Best Western complimentary from their office. The day of surgery I got to watch movies (although I was out for most of it from the sedatives), and I was fed sushi for lunch. I would highly recommend this Dr. for those seeking hair transplants.

- Sky M.

I am really happy with the outcome of my FUE procedure here at My Hair Transplant MD! Dr. Garbutt and his staff are extremely professional and take care of you through out the entire procedure so that it’s very comfortable. Laura is very friendly and personable, she will be your mother hen.

The procedure lasts about 6hrs but it goes by so fast you don’t even notice. Have a big breakfast that day for that reason. If you can, try to take at least 1-2 weeks off after the procedure to allow proper healing. It may take up to 9 months to see results so be patient, it actually took a little over a year for me to see results so again be patient. All is an all I had an amazing experience and if I ever need to do it again I know exactly where to go 🙂

- David C.

I’ve been to this place twice. Each time I’ve been blown away by their professionalism, knowledge, helpfulness (the nurse even personally drove me to a hotel the first time), economical cost, and especially results. Dr. Garbutt is a pro (he got is his MD at Harvard if I remember correctly) and the rest of the staff is super helpful. Can’t say enough good about this place, from the way they baby you when you walk in the door to their professional care routine after this minor surgery. Would highly recommend to anyone.

- J K

This place is great! After checking a couple other places this is the one that I decided on. The staff is great and friendly especially laura! Thanks again for the great service!

- Kolton C.

At first,I was so really nervous about the procedure but I was very impressed by your staff professionalism and attention making me feel comfortable. I just want to say thank you to you, Dr. Garbutt, my nurse and those technicians for treating me with utmost care. Everyone was really great and sweet.

I do appreciate you talking me through everything and also make me comfortable. I am so excited and happy. love it!!!. I can not wait for
the new hair to start growing. Again, thank you for all your staff does. (Pride and Professionalism).MARVELOUS!

I would strongly recommend it to anyone and would tell them not to be
nervous about the procedure.


- Carlos Estanislao

My hair looks great. When I go out now I don’t have to worry about my hair or worry if people are staring at me or the top of my head. I’m very pleased with the results and no one can tell I had anything done. Thank you very much to you and Dr. G!

- Mike D.

Its been four weeks since my surgery. Just a quick email to thank you for everything. You explained everything that would happen and you were right on. I knew what to expect and that made it much easier for me. I also appreciate all you did the day of the surgery. From going out to get me a newspaper to read as well as getting me lunch. Also, your offer to pick me up the next morning and bring me back to get my car was much appreciated as. You were there from start to finish and that made a difference. Your follow up has been outstanding. I know if I call you I will get answers and get them quickly. Again, thanks for being such a professional at what you do.

- Pat Finlen

I’m very happy with the improved look. Nobody knows but my mom and she complimented me on looking much better. I think so too! I having been working out with weights and feel overall better and more motivated to keep adding improvements. Self-esteem about our looks is more important than we sometimes feel free to admit. Thanks for persuading me to take the step and hope all is well. I never would have done this for myself if you had not been so positive and I know now you were right! Thanks again!

- Darrell Downing

So like many other guys I started losing my hair, it wasn’t very noticeable but it was something that made me feel uncomfortable. Since I’m 25 I decided this was a good time to take action and correct the problem. So I contacted Laura at My Hair Transplant MD. I set up a consultation and she explained the whole entire process to me. From what type of hairloss I have, to what my options were as far as surgery. She explained the surgery in great detail so by the time I went in and had the procedure done I knew exactly what to expect. The day of the surgery I arrived at the office and from the time I walked through the door until the time I left, I felt very relaxed. Laura was the first person to greet me and the rest of the staff were extremely courteous and catered to my every need. The procedure itself was a breeze and the recovery time after the surgery was minimal. I went back to work two days later wearing a hat and none of my coworkers noticed a thing. Looking back I’m glad I went through with the procedure and thanks to Laura and Dr. Garbutt my hairloss isn’t an issue for me anymore.

- Michael Dominick

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, “Laura, Dr Garbutt and your great team, that was very comforting and knowledgeable in everything they did. Dr Garbutt articulated his procedure to make the right decision since my donor was not too much to cover front and back so we decided to just cover the front and leave the crown for later in the year,

Thank you for all the comfort Laura and the repeated calls to assure me
that there was nothing to worry about since this was my first hair restoration which I was very concerned and that is what took me time to
decide, but I am glad I did and hope I will see results since it is just
the 6 day after my surgery.

- Alfred Dubier

Laura…I’m doing great! We will try to get down your way in April
sometime, but no promises. I probably will have some more hair done in a
couple of years. Lynn and I are so pleased with my new hair though. I’m
constantly getting compliments on it. I told Lynn I want full-length
blonde hair extensions for Christmas so I can start having people call
me Fabio!

- Greg Brooks