Today we live in an age when hair loss is no longer considered a permanent condition. Call to schedule a free no cost no obligation consultation. Allow us to help you achieve “The Look” That Will Make The Difference… because when you “Look Good” you’ll feel good and that builds confidence.

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 Step 1  Discuss
 consultstep1 We will discuss your concerns and expectations. Together we will agree on a realistic hair restoration plan… Short and long term goals where appropriate.
 Step 2 Define
consultstep2 We outline the trouble area so we agree on the exact area you want restored. We then document our findings with photo’s.
 Step 3 Map
 consultstep3 We transfer the surface area to be restored onto our 3D Hair Mapping Template. Then calculate the size of the restoration area in square centimeters.
 Step 4 Discuss
consultstep4 We will discuss your current hair density factor using Modern Hair Science. Average density in men is 80 Follicular Graft Units per square centimeter and slightly higher for most women.
 Step 5 Calculate
And Cost
consultstep5 We calculate total grafts needed by multiplying the surface area restored by the density factor desired by the cost per graft. You’ll know exactly what’s needed to reach your goals.

FUE Grafts are at $4.99 ea  cash price
Strip Grafts are at $3.50 ea cash price

Ask about financing, our cash price, stand-by and travel incentives.  Minimum surgery is 1500 grafts.  Excessive scarring due to prior procedures subject to an additional fee.

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