Our clinics give you the maximum density that is medically safe in a single session.  We place the grafts as close as possible so each hair transplant procedure stands on its own.  This approach means it’s possible that you can achieve what you’re after in one procedure.

What hair-loss sufferers should to be aware of is what is typical pattern density also what percent of this density is essential in order in the direction of achieve an aesthetically satisfying end result. Transplantation density is considered in figures of follicular units for every square centimeter of scalp. This varies enormously within a populace and yet more between dissimilar racial communities. The density is lesser in other racial groups and is lowest in those of African descent.  In the Caucasian individual, the typical density is commonly between ninety and a hundred and twenty follicular units for each square centimeter.

At MyHairTransplantMd, we measure your hair loss pattern precisely. Measuring is far more accurate than the guessing or estimating. We share our calculations and conclusions. This is an honest way in determining how many grafts it will take to give you a natural hair look and achieve your hair restoration goal.