Just imagine How Good You’ll Feel Knowing,
You Had One Chance To Do It Right…And You Did.


Natural Results

Our Breakthrough Technology and Artistic skill produces optimum Results so natural unless you let them know, nobody may ever suspect surgery.

Latest Technology

Follicular units dissected under intense magnification into their natural growing bundles of 1-2-3 & 4 follicular hair units produces the most Natural Results.

Advanced Plastic Surgery Experience

Our doctors have performed more than 10,000 procedures on men and women with excellent end-results.  They are indeed the Hair Transplant Experts.

Precision Instruments

We use only the finest surgical needles to make the new receptor sites at the correct angle  and direction the hair grows, remember the way it used to look “Impeccably Natural Results”.

Patient Education

We educate patients about Hair Transplants… So you can make a knowledgeable decision, understand the process and compare options.

Donor Optimization

The Donor area is measured and trimmed based on the number of square centimeters outlined in your overall treatment plan.  We use every follicle.

First Time Density

Instead of minimum coverage , we deliver the Maximum Density for a Full completely “Natural Look”.

References in the U.S.A.  & Abroad

Our Impressive Results speak for us, with wonderful testimonials.  And we can also provide references at your request.

Accurate Measuring

Instead of guessing how many follicular units it takes to reach your Hair Restoration goals, we measure… A more Honest Approach.

Written Treatment Plan

We’ll photo, document and measure the concerning areas.  We then explain our calculation and conclusions to reach your Hair Restoration goals.

Follicular Units

More Hair and better results by Transplanting Natural 1-2-3 & 4 hair follicular units the way your hair grows naturally.

Affordable Fees

We don’t charge what the market will bear, we charge based on the troubled area using measurements, plus there are no extra charges.

Graft Splitting

We don’t split natural follicular units into single hair grafts. Splitting may result in little or no growth.

Special Incentives

It’s true we offer referral and 1st time patient incentives. For more information, feel free to Call us for Details.

Minimum Invasive

Using our proprietary donor closure technology eliminates noticeable scaring found elsewhere.

Honesty & Integrity

Learn the right questions to ask the surgeon.  Our Hair Transplant Consultants work with you to get great results.

Impeccably Natural Hairline

Specializing in Artistic Design and hair line reconstruction the bench mark by which others compare us.  We’re proud of our work and the results speaks volumes.

Free – Don’t be A Victim Guide

Free Email guide just for the asking… we want to help you achieve the best results possible, which starts by helping you know the good clinics from the “others”.