FUE Hair Transplants

Removing Donor Tissue

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FUE Explained In 60 Sec

Pre Op

Post Op

Day 30

Advantages of FUE
  • Scarring: The tiny circular marks where the donor hairs have been extracted are usually undetectable. This may be an important consideration for men who wear their hair very short, maybe a #1 guard or zero.
  • Faster Recovery: Because FUE is less invasive and there are no sutures, recovery is quicker than the strip method.
Considerations of FUE
  • More Expensive: Because removing one hair at a time from the donor area is more time consuming and labor-intensive, this procedure is a more expensive alternative than FUG.
  • Short Hair Requirement: Cutting your hair short or shaving the back of your head is needed to extract Natural Follicular Units from your donor area.
Compare For Yourself The Difference Between FUE + FUG/FUT
Compare SurgeryFUE ExtractionFUT Strip Method
Surgery InvasivenessMinimally InvasiveModerately Invasive
Donor HarvestingExtracted one by oneExtracted from strip
Donor ScarringTiny circular scarsLong fine linear scar
Donor Healing Time5 to 7 days14 to 30 days
Donor Size Requirement50 – 70 sq cm area1 sq cm wide
Donor Closure typeNone requiredSutures
Pain DiscomfortNone to MinimumMinimum to moderate
Return To WorkNext day2 days
Exercise or ActivitiesStart Next 5 to 7 daysNone for 14 to 30 days
Haircut LengthShave donor areaAny length
Graft Harvest Limits3000 max per session5000 max per session
Procedure Time4 – 12 hours4 – 7 hours
Cost Per Graft Range$4 to $8$3 to $5