FUT / Strip Method Hair Transplant San Diego

FUT / Strip Method Hair Transplants

Removing Donor Tissue

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FUG/Strip Explained In 60 Sec

Follicular Unit Grafting
  • The FUG/FUT hair transplant procedure has some important advantages and disadvantages when compared to the other leading method, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). We are proud to offer both as well as this brief comparison of the two methods.
  • Your donor area is closed with sutures or sometimes, surgical staples, and then covered with a bandage. The resulting scar is very thin and when healed, very difficult to detect, even under close inspection.  Read What to Expect the Day Of and the Day After a Strip Procedure.
FUG/Strip Method Advantages:
  • Cost-Effectiveness: FUG/Strip Method is typically less expensive than FUE simply because it is less time-consuming.
  • More Grafts Per Session: A physician can transplant a greater number of hair grafts in a single session of FUG than is possible using FUE. Typically with FUG, a physician can transplant 4,000 follicular units or more in just one session.
FUG/Strip Method Considerations:
  • Scarring: The FUG procedure produces a long, linear scar where the strip of donor hair is removed. Although the scar is usually very thin and nearly undetectable when fully healed, it is still there.
  • Longer Recovery: Due to the nature of the Strip Method, the donor area will require a longer time to heal, depending on your characteristics. Approximately 10-15 days.
FUG/Strip Advantage
  • No Need To Shave Head
  • One Fine Linear Scar
  • Cost Less
  • Maximum Grafts Harvested
  • Less Surgery Time
Compare For Yourself The Difference Between FUE + FUG/FUT
Compare Surgery FUE Extraction FUT Strip Method
Surgery Invasiveness Minimally Invasive Moderately Invasive
Donor Harvesting Extracted one by one Extracted from strip
Donor Scarring Tiny circular scars Long fine linear scar
Donor Healing Time 5 to 7 days 14 to 30 days
Donor Size Requirement 50 – 70 sq cm area 1 sq cm wide
Donor Closure type None required Sutures
Pain Discomfort None to Minimum Minimum to moderate
Return To Work Next day 2 days
Exercise or Activities Start Next 5 to 7 days None for 14 to 30 days
Haircut Length Shave donor area Any length
Graft Harvest Limits 3000 max per session 5000 max per session
Procedure Time 4 – 12 hours 4 – 7 hours
Cost Per Graft Range $4 to $8 $3 to $5